is a mobile machine intended to move persons to working positions on which they carry out work from the work platform, on the assumption that these persons enter the platform and exit the platform in its one lower access position. UP Lift 5  consists of the work platform with controlling elements, the support structure and drive system .

Uplift 5 is the lightest lift in the world and it’s completely made of aluminum.

It runs  on 12 voltage low power consumption because of the innovative gas spring  system.

The uplift has four wheels, each of 125 mm. All of them are turn able with automatic self-blocking system built in the base.

Working height is 5 meters. Maximum height the platform 2,94 m.

The price is really attractive as it uses no hydraulic system.

It can be a real alternative to small scaffolds and ladders.

It has a built in system for easy handling by transport in a small roof car and the base is removable and it weighs 60 kg without using tools.

Patent pending P.412858, P.414467.